About Us

Have you as a business, institution, condo board or acreage owner found the need for property maintenance support where a single phone call would address it all?


 Hines Commercial Services began in 1986, a father and son team providing janitorial and HVAC services.  At that time we had a single customer and a focus to provide great service with competitive pricing; but more important to forge a relationship where our client would trust the quality and personal attention we provided.  Today we are a third generation family business and we continue to serve that first client we began with.  This philosophy of providing quality and reliability constantly reinforces our commitment to personal service of our customers for the long term.  That commitment has had our customers request that we expand our repertoire and soon we found we were being called on as a unique ''Make One Call'' service solution provider for property management companies located in Calgary.


It wasn't long before Hines was serving the cities, towns, hamlets and remote rural locations throughout central and southern Alberta.  At times we even pulled double duty, while traveling through the foothills of ranch country to access the telecommunication towers we serviced, we found occasion to stop and nurse sick or injured livestock.  In 2009 we moved our operation to an acreage in Priddis AB.  From there we found we were better able to support the businesses and surrounding acreages located in the municipality of Foothills as well as the City of Calgary.  This also allowed us to grow our landscape business; with an eye on an organic approach to natural design and landscape construction for our acreage and commercial / industrial property clients under the guidance of a Master Gardener. 


2020 represents the 35th Anniversary and marked a new chapter merging with Hines Facilities Services Ltd. Hines Facilities offers a full line of janitorial and biohazard solutions for our clients. Our employees dedication and determination to deliver value and quality in our work and safety, we feel, is the foundation of our success in celebrating this milestone.


Our greatest compliment comes from our long standing customer base.  It comes in the form of our customers placing a call to us requesting that we remedy a maintenance issue.  For some the question is ''can you take care of this for us'' for others it's simply ''we need you to take care of this project, how soon do you think you can have it done?''  To us that represents a trust and satisfaction that we have our client's best interests in hand.  We built our philosophy on the understanding that each of our clients has different needs and objectives in the ongoing maintenance of their property.


35 years have taught us to listen and honestly provide service and services that are in the best interest of our customer so that 10, 20 or 25 years down the road we can look back and be proud of what we built and delivered to our clients.



Professional Affiliations

Hines is proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau.


Better Business Bureau

Hines is a member and supporter of the Better Business Bureau.  We are firm believers of the BBB mission to advance marketplace trust.  We personally strive to make every customer satisfied, and we only partner with companies who have the same goals. In this regard, our policies fall in line with those of the BBB.