Bobcat & Heavy Equipment Services

Our fleet of Heavy Equipment includes Wheel Loaders, Graders, Crawler Dozers, Loader Backhoes and Bobcats. We can provide Property and Landscape Construction; Earthmoving and  Road Construction, Demolition, Parking Lot Maintenance, Snow Removal & Hauling, Excavation, Grading, Foundations, Trenching, Material Handling and Road Construction.


We provide necessary equipment and the operator expertise for road construction, earthmoving, property and landscape work including residential, auguring, demolition and removal.  From commercial to acreage, from rural to residential.


Parking Lot Maintenance & Cleaning

Parking Lot Maintenance includes Spring and Fall clean ups, pot hole repairs to complete repaving. Sidewalks, parking blocks and security products are all available through our complete Parking Lot Maintenance Service. 


Snow Removal & Hauling

Your reliable and professional choice for your snow removal needs. Our Bobcat and Heavy Equipment snow removal team offers complete coverage from Acreage roads, Municipality roads,  Industrial sites and Commercial parking lots. Includes Ice Management, De-Icer Applications, Sanding and Snow Hauling services within Southern Alberta. Our high standards allow our clients to rest assured the sidewalks, parking lots and roads are clear and safe.



Our fleet of heavy equipment from Backhoes to Bobcats will fit your excavation project needs. Our crew can provide safe digging and excavation for projects large and small. Our operators have a wealth of experience when it comes to foundations, excavation, grading and trenching.



Proper grading is essential for all projects so we'll ensure proper drainage to  safe guard  the buildings and surfaces on your property. Our bobcats, graders, loaders, and crawler dozers will quickly have your grading needs taken care of in a timely and professional manner. Commercial, Rural and Residential.



From drainage lines, foundation footing supports to utility trenching for rural, residential and commercial properties. We can assist and support your construction project.  

Material Handling

Material Handling Services are available for larger projects requiring smaller more agile abilities for precision stacking, compaction and moving of your materials.