Snow Removal

Serving all of Southern Alberta, Hines Facilities Services. is your reliable choice for your snow removal needs this Winter. As a proud member of SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association) and with 35 years of experience our qualified team offers complete Acreage & Commercial Property Services, snow removal services including Ice Management, Anti - Icing, Sanding and Snow Hauling services throughout Alberta & British Columbia. Our high standards allow our clients to rest assured the sidewalks, parking lots and roads are clean and safe.


Acreage Services

We offer a full range of maintenance services for  acreage year round. With a full service contract you'll know your road and walkway maintenance will be handled allowing you the comfort of safe access to your property.


Commercial Services

Commercial and Industrial properties are our specialty. From large malls, office buildings, business parks, shopping plazas, hotels, gas stations and restaurants we provide sidewalk and parking lot snow removal. We offer full service contracts for all types of commercial properties.


Ice Management

Get rid of your ice problems this Winter with Hines Facilities Services. We provide Ice Management service from emergency service to ongoing maintenance contracts we can solve your ice issues.


Sanding Services

Ensure traction and safety this Winter by contracting Hines Facilities Services. to maintain your property on a regular schedule.


Snow Hauling

Hines solves the problem of what to do with all that snow and ice if you do not have local storage room on your property. We will clean it up and haul it away to a proper disposal site or melt the snow right on location and drain it directly into the storm drainage system.